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At AFGRI Milling we mill maize (white and yellow) and wheat (soft and hard). Our commitment to our customers is that we will deliver a superior quality, service and food safety compliant products that will facilitate their growth by being able to provide superior offerings to their customers in return.

Our customers include Multi-national blue-chip organisations, independent snack manufacturers, animal feed companies, bakeries (industrial and retail), feedlots and many more. We cater for individual needs of our customers and we strive for long mutually beneficial relationship that we nurture very meticulously.

In order to comply with Food safety regulations, we offer identity preserved products that can be safely traced back to the farm.

Philafrica Milling operates in the following locations:

  • Gauteng
  • Centurion
  • Mpumalanga – Maize
  • Bethal
  • Kinross
  • Ermelo
  • Leslie
  • Free State – Wheat
  • Harrismith

Corn Milling

The Milling team is able to cater for individual needs of a specific customer to cater for the specific requirements of the customer to meet and exceed their expectations.

To achieve the utmost degree of quality the maize is sourced on quality to meet our stringent requirements using a milling process that is technologically advanced and continuously improved by reinvestment.
That leads to providing the best ingredient for your processing facility.

Milling can provide GMO and non-GMO certified maize products though dry-milling that includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Flaking grits
  • Extruding grits for snacks
  • Maize flour (Extra fine)
  • Hominy chop
  • Cleaned maize

Philafrica Milling Identity Preservation Programme (IPP) for Maize

AFGRI Milling is a world leader in implementing and running an IPP in conjunction with our sister supplying company AFGRI Grain Management which is responsible for the handling and storage of non-GMO maize according to our requirements. The stringent AFGRI Milling IPP ensures the integrity of the non-GMO maize from farm-level right up to the customer and ultimately the consumer.

Wheat milling

The wheat mill is designed to be an industrial facility with the capability to be extremely flexible to meet customer specific requirements and to achieve that continuously without fail.

The wheat being milled is a blend of local and imported wheat and is milled using state of the art Buhler equipment in order to guarantee products of the utmost quality and consistency.

Wheat products being currently produced, but not being limited to is the following:

  All Purpose Normal flour

  Straight-run flour

  White bread flour

  Brown bread flour

  Cleaned wheat

  Industrial flour

  Wheat bran

AFGRI Milling Identity Preservation Programme (IPP) for Wheat

No commercial GMO traits have been registered for wheat in South Africa. This ruling is applicable for imported wheat. AFGRI Milling runs an IPP in collaboration with AFGRI Grain Management in order to segregate, handle and store the different classes and grades of wheat required, enabling us to mill to exact customer specifications and to be able to trace back the wheat to the source.

Food safety and accreditations

All AFGRI Milling operations bear the necessary accreditations. All our mills are registered with SEDEX and audited independently. Our three maize mills are FSSC 22000 certified, a food safety standard preferred and accepted worldwide. AFGRI Milling operates according to a stringent Occupational Health and Safety system that is maintained and improved continually.
This system is audited annually by MARSH Risk Consulting.
Our mills are also all certified Halaal and Kosher.

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